ULANZI U-Lens for iPhone 11 Lensa Macro Fisheye CPL 3 in 1 Multi Lens

Rp. 550.000

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* Specially designed for iPhone 11, included Phone Case.

* EASY TO USE: Portable with Slide And Flip Up Design,switch to different Lens quickly with the slide design, and come with lens cover to protect the lens.
fantastic world.

* 3 in 1 lens system bring your iPhone 11 professional shooting effect, Includes:
1x CPL Filter : CPL filter is great for removing unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass or water
1x 10X Macro : Super Macro Lens captures life sized images of the smallest objects at the highest quality
1x 180° Fisheye : 180° Fisheye Lens provides you incredible and dramatic rounded images, which takes you into the stunning and fantastic world.