MCOPLUS LED-340B LED Video Light 340pcs Bulbs Bi-Color 3200~5500K

Rp. 710.000

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Product Highlights:
* Color temperature adjustable from 3200K to 7500K
* Stable color temperature, light output: 130 Lux, lifetime up to 50,000 hours
* This LED Light is the perfect continuous lighting solution for you video camera or DSLR with great color and warm soft lighting.
* It enhances your subject matter. It’s nearly heat free. Give you a cool and comfortable shooting experience.
* It can adjust light small to Maximum. Beam angle can be adjusted also.

* Brightness adjusted function.
* Battery power indicator.
* Expandable up to 9 LED panels.
* High quality LED bulbs long lifespan.
* Support Sony NP-F,NP-FV,NP-FH,NP-HP,NP-FM,NP-QM Series and AA Battery.
* Support 9V DC power.
* 16:9 widescreen desigh.
* Low power consumption,power saving.

Package List:
1 x Mcoplus LED-168B Video Light
1 x Diffuser White
3 x additional battery magazine(for LP-E6, EN-EL15 & D16)
1 x Stand for Camera Flashlight
1 x User Manual