GVM LS-P80S-2 Fresnel LED Light with Soft Box Softbox

Rp. 2.900.000

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Produk Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun GVM Indonesia PT. Visimoda Andalan

Produk Garansi Resmi GVM Indonesia PT. Visimoda Andalan

Product Highlights:
* Excellent Output:
High-quality COB Led bead, 80W, CRI: 97+ TLCI: 97+, provides high brightness and stable light source output. Closest to natural light, except for professional photography and video shooting.
* Focusable Lighting Range:
Unique design knob for focus and diffusion function adjustment. Better to provide different photographic lighting ranges request.
U-bracket supports 360°rotation improves light control to meet more your different lighting angles requests.
* Fresnel Lens & Bowens Mount:
Professional Fresnel Lens, make the lighting sources softer, perfect for shooting profile and long-distance shooting and suitable for video studio shoot lighting.
The universal Bowens mount is flexible for mounting different types of the lampshade, softboxes, umbrellas, and other accessories.
* Brightness Dimmable:
Brightness dimmable. brightness from 0% to 99% daylight color temperature 5600k .
* Intelligent Cooling System:
Equipped with a built-in electronic fan cooling system, quiet and powerful.
Effectively improve heat dissipation in complex shooting environments, to better protect the COB lamp beads to extend the life of the light.

* Model: GVM LS-P80S
* LED Beads: COB daylight Led bead
* CRI: 97 +
* TLCI: 97+
* Beam Angle: 120°
* Power: 90W
* AC Adapter: DC30V/ 3A
* Input voltage: 100-240V
* Color temperature: 5600K
* Lumen: 3100lux @ 1m,12000lux @ 0.5m (Bare Light), 9600lux @ 1m, 51000lux @ 0.5m

1 x GVM P80S High Power Led Light
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Power Cable
1 x Soft Box
1 x Light Stand