APEXEL APL-HB2X HD 4K 2X Lensa Telephoto Lens for Smartphone

Rp. 199.000

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What is a Telephoto Lens?
A telephoto lens has a long reach, allowing you to photograph a subject that is far away or magnifying the subject in your frame. Generally, a lens is considered “telephoto” if it has a focal length of 60mm or longer.

Telephotos Make Subjects Appear Closer to the Camera.

Long Focal Length
Longer focal lengths allow shooting a close-up photo of the subject despite standing a few feet away, yielding more realistic proportions.

Wide Aperture
A wide aperture creates a shallow depth-of-field. The wider the aperture of the lens, the shallower your depth-of-field becomes.

Good Bokeh
Offer superior image quality and stunning bokeh. Faster, sharper, and yield less visible distortions and vignetting.